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    "My dresses ARE nice. I love pretty things. I remember the first pretty dress I ever had--the brown gloria Matthew gave me for our school concert. Before that everything I had was so ugly. It seemed to me that I stepped into a new world that night."�Zombie Tsunami MOD APK is made with endless modes like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. There are no limits to your endless running with the zombie army. Upcoming ways, the player needs to face most distraction obstacles, and that will minus point for the player. Cross the very distracting obstacles by jumping and high-speed running. Perfectly control the zombies is the main point for the player. Don’t make any mistakes at the end of the level. Otherwise, your armies are defeated in one second. Avoid all dangerous obstacles for zombies’ safety. Meet in runways and eat one second on the runway.

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    �<p>Jewel Road is the latest app by Crescent Moon and it's only on Android for now.</p><p>It's an original take on Match-3 puzzler as you slide pieces of lands to match certain types of terrains.</p><p>From castles to forests, the goal is to match as many of these as possible to reach the level's goal.�

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